Environmental Health Library

The Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences maintains a limited collection reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of current research interests and course offerings within the Department. The collection consists of environmental and occupational health and safety journals not carried in the UW central library system, books, graduate student theses, and reference materials.

The Department’s Library is self-service. There is a searchable on-line catalog of the holdings through Libraryworld.com. One can use key words, author names, and title. Online checkout is not activated through this service, therefore, email the library staff with items you wish to borrow. Loans are for two weeks and renewable by request.

There are two workstations in the library location which provide access to the Library’s searchable on-line catalog, as well as the UW central library system’s holdings. Access is also provided to PubMed, TOXNET, Web of Science and other on-line resources. Off-campus access to these databases is restricted to UW students, staff, and faculty.

Location and Hours: The Department Library is located in the UW Health Sciences Building, Room F-453. The collection is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The location is also used for meetings, therefore access may be limited during those times.

Other UW Campus Resources: A key resource for environmental and occupational health sciences is the UW Health Sciences Library. This Library, located in Health Sciences T-334, has a collection of journals, books, and reference materials. The Health Sciences Librarian liaison for the Department is Sarah Safranek and can be contacted for guidance regarding research, information acquisition, and teaching support.

Library Contact:Limited staff assistance for information about the holdings and room availability is available by contacting ehlib@uw.edu. For librarian expertise, the Department’s Health Science’s Librarian liaison, Sarah Safranek, can be reached at safranek@uw.edu or 206.543.3408.