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2017 Graduation Recognition Ceremony

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Students at the School of Public Health's commencement ceremony.

Graduates at the School of Public Health's commencement ceremony.


Elizar Mercado

We celebrated our department’s graduates on Friday, June 9, 2017. The ceremony was held in Foege Auditorium, and followed by a reception.

Among the graduating class were 17 students earning BS degrees, 14 earning MS degrees, 8 earning MPH degrees, and 16 earning PhD degrees.

Professor and Chair Michael Yost was the master of ceremonies. Professor Scott Meschke, who is the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, read the names of the undergraduates, and Professor Richard Fenske, who is the Graduate Program Coordinator, read the list of graduate students. Meschke and Fenske also read the graduates’ own brief statements, which often thanked family, friends, peers, faculty, and staff.

Undergraduate Katherine Scott was chosen by her peers to give the Undergraduate Program Address. She spoke of how her fellow students and faculty have inspired her, and challenged her fellow graduates to be inspirational to others, to “fight the battles that seem impossible, and band together to take action against injustices.” 

PhD student Edward Kasner was chosen by the graduate students to give the Graduate Program Address. He talked about the complexity of emerging environmental health challenges that graduates will need to address. He called for the need for innovative thinking to find new solutions, by letting “science be the tool, and our conscience be the guide.”

Ryan Kouchakji, an undergraduate senior majoring in Environmental Health, received the Jack Hatlen Scholarship, presented by Chair Michael Yost. Professor June Spector received the Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award from Graduate Student Advisory Committee.

The keynote address was delivered by Washington State Secretary of Health, John Wiesman, DrPH, MPH Secretary of Health, Washington State Department of Health. Dr. Wiesman is an accomplished transformational leader with more than 22 years of local public health experience, and focuses on whole systems approaches to improving health. In his address, he challenged the graduates to work hand in hand with communities to build trust by “honoring their lived experiences and their history, honoring their priorities, and focusing on their strengths, not any perceived deficits.”

DEOHS's 2017 Doctor of Philosophy Graduates

DEOHS's 2017 Doctor of Philosophy Graduates. Photo by Sarah Fish.

Students Recognized

Degree Key:

Environmental Health (EH)

Environmental Toxicology (ET)
Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH)

Environmental and Occupational Hygiene (EOHy)

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM)

Doctor of Philosophy

Marissa Baker, EOHy
Miriam Calkins, EOHy
Shih-Yu Chang, ET
Yu-Chi Chang, ET
Kristen Cosselman, ET
Heather Fowler, EOHy
Edward Kasner, EOHy
Karen E. Michael, EOHy
Julie Juyoung Park, ET
Jane Gurnick Pouzou, EOHy
Boris Reiss, EOHy
David Scoville, ET
Ian B. Stanaway, ET
Brittany A. Weldon, ET
Sheldwin Yazzie, EOHy
Andrew Yeh, ET

Master of Public Health

Eric Barton, OEM
Kim L. Doughty, EOH
Staci Kvak, EOH
Anika Larson, EOH
Mikkie Nakamura, EOH
Esi Wusiwa Nkyekyer, OEM
Allyson O'Connor, EOH
Kali Turner, EOH

Master of Science

Marc R. Beaudreau, OEES
Breana Bennett, ET
Spencer Birch, OEES
Magali Blanco, OEES
Meagan Deviaene, EH
Aubrey DeVine, EH
Darrick D. Dickerson, OEES
Jill C. Falman, EH
Samuel F. House, OEES
Elena K. Jaffer, EH
Jenny L. Lohmiller, EH
Brooke Reynolds, OEES
Chen Wu, OEES
Emily Zamzow, OEES

Bachelor of Science

Niloufar Ghodsian, EH
Claudia Elizabeth Huerta, EH
Ryan Kouchakji, EH
Heena Kumar, EH
Bowen Lan, EH
Kun-Wen Lin, EH
Sara Mar, EH
Cathy Ngo, EH
Jueun O, EH
Benjamin K. Park, EH
Viktor P. Parkhotyuk, EH
Nathan Phommavong, EH
Maxwell Joseph Schrempp, EH
Katherine Scott, EH
Russell Shean, EH
Prabhjot Singh, EH
Arina Wu, EH

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