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UW Teams with Westat to Expand Access to Children's Health Data and Lab Resources

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Headshot of Elaine Faustman

Elaine Faustman will help lead the CHEAR Coordinating Center housed at WESTAT.


Sarah Fish.

In September 2015, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences funded a  new initiative to understand the long-term impacts of environment exposures on children’s health and development, continuing the mission of the National Children’s Study.  The initiative, called the Children’s Health Exposure Analysis Resource (CHEAR), will coordinate biological exposure assessment and data analysis for children’s health cohorts across the country.

Elaine Faustmana professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, is among the team that was awarded $5 million dollars over the next four years to expand the number of studies that incorporate environmental exposure assessment in research on child’s health and development. Faustman will help lead the CHEAR Coordinating Center housed at WESTAT, a statistical services company in Maryland.

“The CHEAR Coordinating Center to will help children’s health researchers access new tools for incorporating exposure assessment into their studies by helping them access state-of the-art laboratories and data analysis resources," said Faustman.


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