Student Research

Exposure Science student sampling pesticide byproducts in an orchard. Photo courtesy of Jenna Armstrong.

Some former students have researched the following topics:

Diana Ceballos, evaluate protective gloves’ efficacy against isocyanates

Ryan Blood, large scale construction project safety

Rick Neitzel, noise-induced hearing loss

Danielle Parette, chemical exposures

Phayong Thepaksorn, prevention of occupational injuries

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Exposure Science Alumni

Graduates of the Exposure Sciences program often work for international companies where they take on responsibility for implementing and complying with both environmental & occupational health regulations. Recent graduates have taken a variety of jobs. Some of their job titles: • assistant professor • compliance analyst • industrial hygienist • public health service officer • research ergonomist • research scientist

Graduates who have been in the field longer, have responded that they are now working as: • bioenvironmental engineer • chief, risk assessment section • director, occupational safety & health program • emergency preparedness section supervisor • loss control & safety specialist • manager, safety & operations training • occupational health & safety supervisor • president, consulting firm • regional director of safety & health • research ergonomist • senior industrial hygienist • vice president, environmental health & safety

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