Charles D. Easterberg, MS

Lecturer, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences (Primary department)
Charles' introduction to environment was through birds, where countless hours of observation illustrated how inextricably linked organisms, including humans, are with their environment. After studying English and biology, he became an environmental biologist, and after graduate study at the University of Minnesota, came west to Seattle. He retired as a Public Health Advisor with UW Environmental Health & Safety after 46 years and teaches ENVH 441 Food Protection Winter and Spring quarters. He guest lectures in several other courses, specializing in food protection and disease vectors with their potential to spread diseases to humans, and water, swimming pool sanitation and other environmental biological problem areas. His research in restroom inequity led to Seattle and Washington changing their plumbing codes to require more women's restroom facilities and reduce women's waiting time.

Contact Information

University of Washington
Box 354400
Tel: 206-543-7209
Tel: 206-543-7388
Fax: 206-616-3360

Research Interests

  • Food safety, pests and their management, wildlife issues. University-wide health and safety issues. 

Teaching interests

Teach ENVH 441 Food Protection. Environmental health practical isues; food protection; pests, vectors and diseases; wildlife and humans; field reserach hazard management issues. 


MS, Environmental Health, University of Minnesota, 1969
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