Victoria Breckwich Vasquez

Assistant Professor, Nursing and Health Studies, Bothell (Primary department)
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Env. and Occ. Health Sciences
Dr. Victoria Breckwich Vásquez is an Assistant Professor at UW Bothell. She also currently leads community engagement and research translation for the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center at UW’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. Formerly at the City of Berkeley Public Health Division, Dr. Breckwich Vásquez led community assessment, evaluation, strategic planning and prevention programs and services. From 2006-2013 she founded and led a non-profit organization, SALUD Peru, to provide sustainable funding and technical expertise for villager-led community development projects. Dr. Breckwich Vásquez has 25 years of experience in the health promotion field as a health education manager and community health advocate. Teaching and mentoring students are among her favorite parts of her professional career.

Contact Information

University of Washington - Bothell
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-
Tel: 425-352-3832

Research Interests

  • Dr. Breckwich Vásquez focuses on Latin@ community health research using Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) and other engagement frameworks. Her research focuses on efforts that build community resilience in Latin@ communities, and sexual violence prevention and other occupational and environmental health issues in agricultural communities. She is interested in community-engaged partnership evaluation, and community engagement methods that utilize qualitative research methods including case studies. She has particular research interest in place-based interventions, and health and other policies that promote health equity through inter-sectoral strategies. Dr. Breckwich Vásquez has authored various peer-reviewed publications on community engagement and CBPR to promote community health.

Teaching interests

Community Engagement in Health Research & InterventionsIntroduction to Public HealthLatin@ Health & Culture: Local and Global PerspectivesFieldwork in Health StudiesPathways to Health StudiesMPH Nutrition Fieldwork CourseCultural Humility and Competency in Community Health


DrPH, Public Health, University of California (Berkeley), 2005
Master, Latin Amer Studies, University of California (Los Angeles), 1994
MPH, Public Health, University of California (Los Angeles), 1993


Sexual Harassment Prevention Project; Cultural & Communication Factors in Sexual Harassment Prevention for the Agricultural Sector; Assessing Self-Efficacy and Conscientization among Community Health Workers/Promotoras in Washington State; Occupational Health and Safety of Latino Forestry Workers in Oregon: Case Studies and Digital Storytelling; Documenting Community Resilience in Latino/a Communities; Childhood Asthma in Agricultural Communities; Community Engagement & Partnerships in Rural Latino Communities.
Selected Publications

Early, J.O., Breckwich Vásquez, V.A., Sobrinho Herrera, S. (2016). Community Health Workers in the Age of the Affordable Care Act. Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. (June)

Kim, N., Breckwich Vásquez, V., Karr, C., Nicola, B. (2016). Breaking the Silence: Sexual Harassment of Mexican Women Farmworkers. Journal of Agromedicine 21(2), 154-162.

Loftus, C., Yost, M., Sampson, P., Torres, E., Arias, G., Breckwich Vásquez, V., Hartin, K., Armstrong, J., Tchong-French, M., Vedal, S., Bhatti, P., Karr, C. (2015). Ambient ammonia exposures in an agricultural community and pediatric asthma morbidity. Epidemiology (Aug). DOI: 10.1097/EDE.0000000000000368.

Loftus, C., Yost, M., Sampson, P., Arias, G., Torres, E., Breckwich Vásquez, V., Karr, C. (2014). Regional PM2.5 and Asthma Morbidity in an Agricultural Community: A panel study. Environmental Research, 136(Nov), 505-512. DOI: 10.1016/j.envres.2014.10.030

Minkler, M., Breckwich, V.A., Tajik, M., Petersen, D. (2008). Promoting Environmental Justice through Community Based Participatory Research: The Role of Community and Partnership Capacity. Health Education and Behavior, 35(1), 119-137

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Breckwich, V.A., Minkler, M., Shepard, P. (2006). Promoting Environmental Health Policy Through Community Based Participatory Research: A Case Study from Harlem, New York. Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, 83(1), 101-110.

Breckwich Vásquez V, Davis N, Muñoz A. Environmental and Occupational Health Risks for Latinos in Washington State. In Washington State Latino/Hispanic Assessment Report 2014-2015. Washington Commission on Hispanic Affairs. Olympia, WA. December 2014.

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