Environmental Health Laboratory/Trace Organics Analysis Center

The Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) and Trace Organics Analysis Center (TOAC) are directed by Dr. Russell Dills. The EHL was accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) during 1977–2008 and is accredited by AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (AIHA-LAP, LLC) since 2008. The Laboratory supports agencies and employers throughout the State. The TOAC is supported by research grants and income from fee-for-service analyses.

Functional Genomics and Proteomics

Since its formation in 1995, the Functional Genomics Laboratory Facility Core of the Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health has increased the number and types of genotyping assays available, continued the development and testing of new molecular biology-related instrumentation and methodologies, and incorporated additional molecular biology-associated computer software. Dr. Fred Farin is the director.

Other Labs

Controlled Exposure Lab: exposures to diesel exhaust

Costa lab: cellular, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of neurotoxicity

Eaton lab: Aflatoxin B1, a fungal toxin, and its effect on the liver

Faustman lab: biochemical mechanisms of developmental toxicity

Fenske lab: pesticide exposure, fluorescent tracer

Field Group lab: industrial hygiene and safety evaluations, ergonomic assessments

Gallagher lab: environmental chemical toxicity in humans and fish

Kaufman lab: environmental factors in cardiovascular and respiratory disease

Kavanagh lab: free radical biology, immunotoxicology, genetic toxicology and aging

Kissel Lab: exposure to environmental contaminants, especially dermal contact with soils and sediments

Meschke lab: mobility, persistence, and detection of pathogens in the environment

Morgan lab: applied respiratory physiology, inhalation toxicology

Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory: use of electromagnetic radiation to identify and measure distant environmental pollutants

Roberts lab: antibiotic resistance

Rosenfeld lab: environmental factors in atherosclerosis

Simpson lab: biomarkers to help identify components of toxic exposures, such as wood smoke and diesel exhaust

Woods lab: molecular mechanisms by which metals produce toxic effects

Xia Lab: neuronal apoptosis (cell death), especially toxicant-induced damage