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According to the CDC, about 75% of newly emerging diseases and 60% of all known human infectious diseases originate in animals, which can serve as sentinels to warn us of illnesses. Addressing human, animal and environmental health systems, and recognizing how they are related, also can help guide antimicrobial stewardship. All of this falls under the One Health approach. Peter Rabinowitz is quoted in this cover story.

Infectious Disease News | April 20, 2017
One Health approach essential to controlling public health threats

A cluster of opioid addicts in Massachusetts suddenly lost their memories, and no one knows why. Max Meehan was case number one. Gary Franklin is quoted.

BuzzFeed News | April 15, 2017
The fourteen who forgot

Adults who were exposed to traffic-related air pollution had lower levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol that could increase their cardiovascular disease risk, according to an epidemiological study. Griffith Bell, an alumni from the Department of Epidemiology, is mentioned. Joel Kaufman was co-author of the study.

Cardiovascular Business | April 14, 2017
Traffic-related air pollution may lower HDL cholesterol, increase cardiovascular disease risk

April 5, 2017
Health Sciences Common Book: “Listening to Stories for a Change”

More than 750,000 people die prematurely from dirty air every year that is generated by making goods in one location that will be sold elsewhere. Some of those deaths are a result of air pollution that has blown across national borders. Howard Frumkin is quoted.

The Seattle Times | March 29, 2017
Dirty air from global trade kills at home and abroad

A new partnership with Boeing aims to bolster the School’s academic programs and improve the company’s talent pipeline.

March 24, 2017
Formal Bond with Boeing to Boost Talent Pipeline

World TB Day, celebrated each year on March 24 th , is an opportunity to raise awareness about the global burden of tuberculosis (TB). The 2017 World TB Day theme is “Unite to End TB,” and some faculty from the University of Washington (UW) embodied the work by creating a new partnership in Bangladesh.

March 23, 2017
In the Fight to End TB, UW Establishes New Partnership in Bangladesh

The community-based study, for “Home Air in Agriculture — Pediatric Intervention,” is aimed at children who live within 400 meters of crop production or dairy operations in the Yakima Valley. Catherine Karr is mentioned.

Yakima Herald | March 21, 2017
Asthma study hopes 
to improve disease management among Valley children

Heavy rains and a malfunction at the West Point Plant forced King County to dump million of gallons of raw sewage into Puget Sound. Experts say that climate change can continue to bring heavier rainstorms that overwhelm today's wasterwater infrastructure. Scott Meschke is quoted.

KUOW Earth Fix | March 16, 2017
How future superstorms could overwhelm today's wastewater infrastructure

Howard Frumkin discusses the ways research has connected improvements in public health with access to green spaces, parks and recreation.

Seattle Channel | March 10, 2017
Parks, greenspace and human health