The Exposure Sciences Program encourages students to seek internships as a way of building professional experience. Many of our students are offered permanent positions from the company that employed them in our internship program. Exposure Science student in the field. Photo by Yuh-Chi Niou.

Martin Cohen coordinates internships for the Exposure Sciences Program as ENV H 599C.

A partial list of internships our students have had:

  • Department of Labor & Industries, Tacoma (Oleg Antonchuck)
  • Chevron (Ryan Blood)
  • Zymogenetics (Travis Cook)
  • Chevron, Hawaii (Loren Kaehn)
  • Department of Labor & Industries, Seattle (Jannette Kibogy)
  • Boeing (Danielle Parette)
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (Ben Wischmeier)
  • Chevron (Vannessa Galaviz)
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Diana Ceballos)