Students in our department work with faculty on important public health problems and receive hands-on training. Pictured above, Chair David Kalman and visiting undergraduate student Jeffrey Jacquez prepare to test urine samples for arsenic levels.

Our Health is in Good Hands

This past academic year, our department graduated 25 bachelor's, 29 master's, and 5 doctoral degree students. They will join other distinguished alumni who have made careers in industry, academia, and policy-making agencies, and who make important contributions to the field of environmental and occupational health. Our students, alumni, and faculty share a common concern for environmental and occupational health and a vision for a better, safer future. Even more than that, "we have the skills to make it possible," says Julie Wagner, a graduating master's student in Exposure Sciences and one of the speakers at the 2010 department graduation. Public health is in good hands.

In this issue of Environmental Health News, we recognize some of our past and present faculty for the progress they've made toward improving environmental and occupational health. We congratulate our graduates and feature some of their research. Finally, we showcase opportunities our department creates for continuing education, research collaboration, and multidisciplinary study.