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Our department prepares students to be successful in environmental and occupational health careers. Pictured above, left to right: Madeleine Greenheck, Marissa Matsuyama, Jennifer Gee, and Diana Kon (Philosophy. See full list of graduates.

Sustaining the Future of Environmental Health

Life expectancy in the United States has improved dramatically in the last century, and 25 of the 30 additional years are attributable to advances in public health, said MPH student Stephanie Chan, who gave the Graduate Program Address at the department graduation ceremony on June 12. Environmental health, which protects the public's health, involves a safe supply of food and drinking water, control of environmentally related diseases, managing solid and toxic wastes, and reducing air, water, food, and noise pollution.

In this issue of Environmental Health News, we showcase an educational program that trains high school teachers to incorporate environmental health topics into their curriculum. We congratulate our graduates and feature some of their research. We highlight a photo journal exhibit of tribal communities that improve their economies and protect their cultures by developing energy resources in more sustainable ways. And, we remember an environmental health scientist who contributed to our understanding of exposures to ambient air pollution.