photo by Dan Burden


The places where we live, work, and play can significantly impact our well-being, so it's important to build with that in mind. Read more about the built environment and health.

Working together to improve public health

Teams of people and organizations with a variety of expertise are often more successful than individuals in addressing complex issues. Our department has a long history of cross-disciplinary collaboration.

In this issue, we focus on some activities that bring people from different fields together to prevent injury and illness. A new area of training and research explores the associations between the built environment and public health. A recently funded research center connects multiple institutions to investigate roadway pollutants and their toxicity. We highlight a center that has improved the health and safety of workers in forestry, farming, and fishing, and two unique department-sponsored events: a course on ethical and legal issues in occupational medicine and a symposium marking the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. For all the improvements to health and safety, there is much work left to do. Proposed budget cuts may have long-lasting implications for our region. We cover what these cuts may mean to two research centers that have been lauded for their efforts and achievements in improving worker health and safety.