Student Research Day

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
1:30 - 4:00pm
South Campus Center, Room 316


1:30 pm - Welcome

Richard Fenske, PhD, MPH


1:35 - Student Presentations 

Selected second-year masters students will present summaries of their research. Faculty preceptor in parentheses.

Maximilian Chmielinski, Occupational & Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Edmund Seto)

Preliminary UV and Blue Light Assessment in Marijuana Grow Facilities

Shilpa Gowda, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, MPH (Joel Kaufman)

Ambient Air Pollution and Lung Cancer Risk in the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study

Carly Wilder, Environmental Toxicology, MS (Elaine Faustman)

Organotypic Modeling Platform for Adverse Outcome Pathways of Male Reproductive and Developmental Processes

Divya Ravi, Environmental & Occupational Health, MPH (Michael Rosenfeld)

Association Betwen In-Utero Exposure to Diesel Exhaust and N-acetyle-cysteine Supplementation in Hyperlipidemic Pregnant Mice and Development of Atherosclerosis at Multiple Vascular Sites in the Offspring

Brianne Duncan, Environmental Health, MS (Peter Rabinowitz)

Temporal and Spatial Analysis and Groundwater Quality and Unconventional Gas Well Density in Washington County, Pennsylvania



2:45 pm - Student Poster Session and Reception

Posters by graduating masters students, selected doctoral students, and senior fellows will be on display.


Victoria Balta, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Scott Meschke)

Method Validation for Bacterial and Viral Analysis of Geoducks

Victoria Balta, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Charles Treser)

Assessing Infectious Disease Risk and Response Capabilities in the Asia Pacific Region

Joe DeLauter, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Mike Yost)

Assessing Potential Laster Strike Protection Engineering Control for United States Coast Guard Aircraft

Jenny LohmillerEnvironmental Health, MS (Gerard Cangelosi)

Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Pediatric Tuberculosis

Thomas Louwers, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, MPH (Peter Johnson)

Analysis of an Intervention to Reduce Truck Drivers' Exposure to Whole Body Vibration

Rebekah Petroff, Environmental Toxicology, MS (Thomas Burbacher)

Toxicokinetics of Domoic Acid in Nonhuman Primates

Grant Quiller, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (June Spector)

Associations Between Heat Exposures and Productivity in Washington State Tree Fruit Harvesters in a Changing Climate

Divya Ravi, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (William Daniel)

Addressing household Air Pollution in Urban Shantytowns

Jane Vaccaro, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (William Daniel)

Design of a Problem-Based Learning Case Series on Community Resilience

Jane Vaccaro, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Butch de Castro)

Building Emergency Response Capacity with Northwest Tribes


Biostatistics, Epidemologic, and Bioinformatic Training in Environmental Health Trainees

Marissa Baker (Noah Seixas and Christopher Simpson)

Investigation of Metabolites Related to Manganese Exposure in Puget Sound Metalworkers

Eliane Bodah (Bruce Weir)

Multivariate Approaches in Marker-trait Association Studies: Leveraging Detection of Pleiotropy and Genotype-By-Environment Interations

Heather Fowler (Peter Rabinowitz)

A Survey of Veterinary Antimicrobial Prescribing Practices, Washington State 2015

Joshua Keller (Adam Szpiro)

Measurement Error-Correction for Fine Particulate Matter Exposure and Low Birth Weight

Jamaica Robinson (Polly Newcomb)

Cadmium Exposure and Incident Stroke

Cooper Schmuacher (Lianne Sheppard)

Evaluating the Use of Modeled Baseline for Estimation of an Exposure Effect on Rate of Change

Ian Stanaway (Lianne Sheppard & Elaine Faustman)

Agricultural Exposure and Oral Microbiota

Gillian Tarr (Jonathan Mayer)

Spatial Distribution of Esherichia Coli O157 by Phylogenetic Lineage

David Whitney (Marco Carone)

Nonparametric Estimation of Survival from Stratified Cross-Sectional Data