Student Research Day



Thursday, May 28, 2015
12:30 - 3:00pm
South Campus Center, Room 316                     



12:30 pm - Welcome

Michael Yost, Chair


12:35 - Student Presentations

Selected second-year masters students will present summaries of their research. Faculty preceptor in parentheses.

Joemy Ramsay, Occupational & Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Christopher Simpson)

Measurement of Urinary 1-Nitropyrene Metabolites as Biomarkers of Exposure to Diesel Exhaust in Underground Miners

Stephen Cho, Occupational & Environmental Medicine, MPH (Debra Cherry)

Correlation Analysis of Sleep Study Variables in Obese v. Non-obese Military Personnel Diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Katherine Gregersen, Environmental & Occupational Health, MPH (Peter Johnson)

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Active-Suspension Driver Seats for King County Metro Buses

Trevor Peckham, Environmental Health, MS (John Kissel)

Dermal Absorption of Benzo[a]pyrene From Soil: Assessment of Flux and Application to Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites

Catherine Tamaro, Environmental Toxicology, MS (Elaine Faustman)

Characterization of Organophosphate Pesticides in Urine and Home Environment Dust


1:45 pm - Student Poster Session and Reception

Posters by graduating masters students, selected doctoral students, and senior fellows will be on display.


Emily Carpenter, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Chris Simpson)

Evaluation of 1-Nitropyrene as a Surrogate Measure for Diesel Exhaust: Assessment of Personal Air Monitoring Data from an Underground Mine

Stella Daniels, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Noah Seixas)

Assessing the Effects of a Behavior Modification Noise Reduction Program in Hospital Intensive Care Units

Stella Daniels, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Butch DeCastro)

Occupational Health Nursing Consultation: Small Business Occupational Health Service and Environmental Advocacy

Katherine Gregersen, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (William Daniell)

Ergonomics in Washington State: Citation Patterns in a Changing Political Climate

Daniel Grinnell, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Michael Yost)

Overcoming Literacy and Language Barriers to Improve Safety Knowledge of Washington State Dairy Farm Workers

Kris Hartin, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Edmund Seto)

Indoor/Outdoor Particulate Matter Composition in Rural Yunnan Province, China

Erika Keim, Environmental Health, MS (Scott Meschke)

Testing Pathogen Reduction in Deployed Composting Toilets

Kristen Kerns, Environmental Health, MS (John Kissel)

Ambient PCB Concentration Reduction through use of Activated Carbon in the Lower Duwamish Waterway

Meenakshi Kushwaha, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (William Daniell)

Childhood Lead Exposure in a Vietnamese Battery Recycling Village

Meenakshi Kushwaha, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Deborah Havens)

Accuracy of Pneumonia Diagnosis for the Cooking and Pneumonia Study: Assessment and Training Plan

Jessica Levasseur, Environmental Health, MS (John Kissel)

Performance Evaluation of a Beta Version of USEPA’s SHEDS-HT Chemical Exposure Model

Grace Liao, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS (Noah Seixas)

Waterborne Paint Exposure in the Auto Body Collision Repair Industry

Julia Marks, Environmental HealthMS (John Kissel)

Quantifying Chemical Transfer from Fabric to Skin

Laura Rascon Padilla, Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science, MS  (Gretchen Onstad)

Development of an LC-MS/MS Method for the Detection of Halogenated Furanones in Drinking Water

Hee Yon Sohng, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, MPH (William Daniell)

Evaluation of Employment-Related Health Impact Assessments

Vivian Tran, Environmental Health, MS (Scott Meschke)

Hand Massage as a Sponge Processing Method to Characterize Microbes in the Bullitt Center

Julia Weicheld, Environmental Health, MS (Charles Treser)

Influence of Environmental Factors on Mosquito Population Abundance and Distribution in King County, Washington

Margaret Willis, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Butch DeCastro)

Developing Tools for evaluating and enhancing clinician outreach training on pesticides and child health

Margaret Willis, Environmental and Occupational Health, MPH (Catherine Karr)

Exploring Clinician Training on Pesticides and Child Health and Developing Curriculum Aimed at Enhancing Self Efficacy


Biostatistics, Epidemologic, and Bioinformatic Training in Environmental Health Trainees

Heather Fowler (Peter Rabinowitz)

Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Salmonellosis for Owners of Backyard Poultry Flocks, Seattle, WA

Karen Hinckley Stukovsky (Lianne Sheppard and Joel Kaufman)

Estimating Average Ambient Air Pollution Exposure across Zip Codes: A Simulation Study

Hojun Hwang (Lianne Sheppard and Gary Chan)

Instrumental Variables for Survival Models with Endogenous Regressors

Joshua Keller (Adam Szpiro)

Covariate-adaptive Clustering of Exposures for Air Pollution Epidemiology Cohorts

Erin Riley (Christopher Simpson)

Black Carbon and Ultrafine Particle Counts Downwind of Two Major Airports

David Scoville (Terrance Kavanagh)

Heterogeneity in Quantum Dot Induced Lung Inflammation and Toxicity in Recombinant Inbred Mouse Strains from the Collaborative Cross

Ian Stanaway (Elaine Faustman)

The Population Oral Microbiome of Individuals Living in a Farming Community Reveals an Agricultural Oral Microbiome Signal

Gillian Tarr (Jonathan Mayer)

Using Phylogenetics to Better Understand the Epidemiology of Escherichia coli O157: Methods and Conceptual Framework

David Whitney (Scott Emerson and Lianne Sheppard)

Inference following adaptively designed group sequential studies

Sheldwin Yazzie (Michael Yost)

Assessing Indoor Radon Exposure on the Navajo Nation