Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Toxicology

Toxicology, Doctor of Philosophy Program

Learning objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the Doctor of Philosophy program in Toxicology, students will be able to demonstrate the competencies detailed on the School of Public Health competencies page.

Program Curriculum and Course Requirements

PhD Toxicology students are required to complete the PhD core courses, the Toxicology Required courses, and twelve elective credits.

Doctor of Philosophy Core Courses

RequirementCoursesMinimum Credits
Core SciencesBIOC 405, 4066
BiostatisticsBIOST 512 or 518 or higher4
EpidemiologyEPI 511 or higher3
Environmental & Occupational Health SeminarENV H 5806
DissertationENV H 80027
Lab Rotations[1]ENV H 5956-9
[1] Two rotations required with previous relevant master's degree, three otherwise.

Toxicology PhD Required Courses

RequirementCoursesMinimum Credits
Toxicology Core SequenceEnvironmental & Occupational Toxicology I, II, III (ENV H 514,515,516)9
Toxicology Journal Club[1]Current Topics in Toxicology (ENV H 591)9
[1] Of the nine credits (minimum) of Current Topics courses, at least six credits have to be in ENV H 591 (Current Topics in Toxicology). The other credits can be chosen among other Current Topics courses offered by the Department of Environmental Health or other departments, with approval by student's advisory committee.
Advanced Toxicology[2]Variable6
[2] The two courses in Advanced Toxicology may be chosen among those offered by the department's Toxicology program or other appropriate courses offered by other departments (e.g. Pharmacology, Pathology, and Medicinal Chemistry).
[3] Of the four courses (minimum) described as electives, two must be departmental courses, and the other two may be taken outside of the department. For the two departmental courses, choose from any of the non-Toxicology programs (Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Health, or Occupational Medicine). Selections should minimally reflect electives from at least two of these programs. All elective courses must be approved by the student's advisory committee. New elective courses must be taken if continuing from a UW MS program.