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MS (Thesis) with an area of emphasis in Environmental Toxicology (Tox)

This is a A 21-month, research-based degree program for students who want specialized training in the practice of environmental public health, environmental toxicology, exposure science, infectious diseases, occupational hygiene, One Health or our customizable general track. Learn how chemicals affect human health and the environment, applying principles of biology, chemistry, and epidemiology.

Other degrees and areas of emphasis to consider:

MS (Applied) with an area of emphasis in Infectious Diseases (INF)

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Close-up photo of Megumi Matsushita smiling outside in front of a bush.

Advocating for health equity and antiracism

DEOHS Outstanding PhD Student Megumi Matsushita explores how toxic metals affect the brain

The Seattle skyline on a foggy or smokey day with the freeway leading into it

At every age, cleaner air means better health

Tiny pollution particles can cause major health problems. Our research shows how to minimize your risk.

A man in a blue striped shirt poses against a white wall.

Guardian of workers

Amalawa Aiwekhoe named 2022 DEOHS Outstanding Undergraduate Student


Student Research

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Claudia Nguyen

Characterization of Children’s Arsenic Exposure Using Urinary Metabolites

MS (Applied) | Applied Toxicology (App Tox)
2021 | Elaine M. Faustman

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Xin Dai

Regulated Bioanalysis in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

MS (Applied) | Applied Toxicology (App Tox)
2021 | Edward Kelly

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James Scukas

Respirable Crystalline Silica Exposure In Stone Countertop Fabrication Workers

MS (Applied) | Applied Occupational Hygiene (App OH)
2021 | Martin A. Cohen

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