Career Development

The Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomics, and Environment (EDGE) is committed to cultivating the next generation of environmental and epigenetics researchers by recruiting, supporting, and retaining a new generation of exceptional Environmental Health Sciences-focused investigators with strong interests in epigenetics, environmental exposures, gene-environment interactions, and community-engaged environmental health research. The EDGE Center supports these researchers with tailored mentorship plans and unique career development opportunities to advance their environmental health science careers through the Career Development and Mentoring Core (CDMC), led by Michael Rosenfeld

The EDGE Center utilizes a customized approach to the career development and cross-training of junior faculty by creating a mentoring team for each new junior investigator. The mentoring team is comprised of at least two senior Center members, one from the junior investigator’s research specialty and one from a complimentary specialty, based on the mentee’s goals and interests. Dr. Rosenfeld, in consultation with the Mentoring Oversight Committee and the mentees themselves, formulates the mentoring teams. The mentoring team will assist the faculty member in creating a career development plan, which could include such items as career goals, anticipated publications, anticipated meeting and/or workshop attendance, planned funding applications, and additional career enrichment activities, such as further professional training, visiting faculty opportunities, etc. Mentoring teams meet at least quarterly, or informally as needed. 

In addition to the more formal mentoring mechanisms described above, EDGE also hosts periodic informal gatherings for junior investigators and their mentors. An abundance of resources and enrichment activities are avaialble for all junior investigators such as startup funds and training sessions.

The 2011-2012 designated EDGE Career Development Investigator was Sheela Sathyanarayana

The 2014-2015 designated EDGE Career Development Investigator is Julia Yue Cui

The 2015-2016 designated EDGE Career Development Investigator is Anne Manicone

For more information about the CDMC, please contact Director, Michael Rosenfeld (, 206-543-1738) or EDGE Administrator, Liz Guzy (, 206-685-5333).