Public Health CAFÉ


People attend a Public Health Cafe event (left). The Public Health Cafe logo (right).

What Is the Public Health Café?

Public Health Café is a series of informal, interactive conversations intended to raise awareness about the fascinating and often overlooked science of public health. Join us for a snack and to hear an expert discuss an emerging issue in public health. Then enjoy a lively, guided discussion or activity with the people at your table. Come alone or bring a group. No expertise, preparation, or science background is needed, just a desire to listen, learn, and discuss the topic served up for your intellectual enjoyment. Our goal is that you leave more curious about the topic and fired up about the work that public health has done, is doing, and will do in the future.

Join the Conversation

Please contact Marilyn Hair (, 206-685-8244) if you would like to learn more about the Public Health Café or would like to be added to our email list.

You can also follow us on Twitter @phcafe and on Facebook at Public Health Cafe.

Past Public Health Café Sessions with Fact Sheets Linked: