Future of Occupational Health Symposium













June 24 & 25, 2015
University of Washington

Alder Commons
1315 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98105
Seattle, Washington, USA



Join us in Seattle for a two-day symposium where we explore the Future of Occupational Health!

Throughout 2014 and 2015, DEOHS has hosted a speaker series discussing nine themed issues that will impact occupational health over the next 10-20 years (calendar of past speaker events)This symposium will serve as the culmination to this year long speaker series. 

Featured Symposium Speakers

The symposium will focus on how our identified themes affect three cores of occupational health: Policy, Practice, and Research. We've invited keynote speakers to provide big picture insights into each of these cores, and how they may look in the Future. Additionally, the symposium will feature a History of Occupational Health workshop, and a workshop on communicating occupational health issues to both the public, and workers.

The Future of Occupational Health Policy 

 David Michaels, PhD, MPH
 Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health 
 Head of OSHA




The Future of Occupational Health Practice

 Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH

 Chief Medical Officer 
 Cook County Department of Public Health: Cook County Health & Hospital System




Occupational Health in the 21st Century: Romance, Separation, Counseling, and Re-Marriage

  John Volckens, PhD
 Associate Professor & Associate Department Head
 Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
 Colorado State University




The History of Occupational Health

 Gerald Markowitz, PhD

 History Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
 The Graduate Center, City University of New York
 *Talk will be during symposium dinner on 6/24/15 at the Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.
 This dinner and talk is included in registration*



Communication Exercise: Immersive Storytelling: Snow Fall--How and Why?

 Scott Macklin
 Associate Director, Communication Leadership graduate program at University of Washington

Emerging models of interactive and immersive storytelling – creating a compelling online  experience that places the user central to the story – are shifting the ways we reach and  engage with an audience. In this Session, Scott Macklin, Associate Director of the  Communication Leadership graduate program at the UW, will explore production aspects and  development tools necessary to create immersive web stories. In 2012, the New York  imes published “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek” incorporating the various  elements of the story – text, photos, graphics, and multimedia –seamlessly throughout the  narrative, rather than segregating them in the more traditional story layout. Scott will take a  critical look at these emerging models while working through the technical aspects of story  creation and the implementation of web development tools and platforms. 


Symposium Objective

The Future of Occupational Health Symposium aims to bring together Thought Leaders to reflect on the future of the field in regard to practice, policy, research, and the education of practitioners, businesses, and workers. In this highly interactive symposium, participants will be called upon to develop an actionable agenda to address the changing needs of the field of occupational health. 

Target Audience

While all are encouraged to attend our symposium, our targeted audience are those who will be directly shaping the Future of Occupational Health, such as students (undergraduate and graduate), new graduates, young professionals, and junior faculty. However, the past and present is needed to inform the future, so all those interested in shaping the Future of Occupational Health should plan on attending and participating in this highly interactive symposium. 

Call for Abstracts--CLOSED

As this symposium looks to define the future, we will not be soliciting abstracts related to existing or completed research projects. However, we encourage all participants to submit an abstract to lead a discussion related to your thoughts on the Future of Occupational Health. See the Abstracts page for more information. 

Symposium Registration

Your registration includes continental breakfast and box lunch on June 24 and June 25. It also includes a sit-down conference dinner on June 24 at the Burke Museum (including access to the exhibits) and a talk on "The History of Occupational Health." Symposium materials and access to all symposium events are also included. Prices are as follows:

Late Registration (June 15, 2015 or later)

Symposium Price: $300.00
Student Price: $175.00*
Government Employee Price: $250.00

Registration is now open.