Children's Exposure to Lead and Arsenic in Orchard Soils

(NIOSH/CDC, 1989-2002) Lead arsenate was used in large quantities in orchards in Washington State for about four decades. Although lead arsenate is no longer used in the fruit industry, residual contamination is evident in orchard soils. Several potential routes of exposure to children exist. Adult workers in the orchards may inadvertently transport soil and dust to their homes or children residing in close proximity may play in the orchards. Orchard land may also be subdivided and converted to residential property. This project measured lead and arsenic levels in orchard and residential soil and house dust.

Wolz S, Fenske RA, Simcox NJ, Palcisko G, Kissel JC. 2003. Residential arsenic and lead levels in an agricultural community with a history of lead arsenate use. Environ Res 93(3):293-300.