A goal of the Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH) is to link our research activities with practice in the workplace: to serve safety professionals, medical care providers, agricultural producers, workers, and their families. In addition to the following resources, the Center offers professional, continuing education courses for development, evaluation, and dissemination of training materials.

PNASH Featured Resources

Flourescent Tracer TechniqueFluorescent Tracer Technique: Hands-on Learning for Pesticide Safety Education
Hands on Learning for Pesticides

airblast photo by Stacey HollandPesticides and Health
PNASH Research and Key Resources

heat illness photo by Stacey HollandHeat Illness Prevention: Training Materials for Educators
Know the Facts!

Nurse MurfNurse Murf/Enfermera Elena
Educational articles summarizing the latest research and best prevention strategies.
Trade journal English and Spanish publications.

radio iconAudio/Video Library - Listen and Learn!
Life Changing Ag Injury Stories (English and Spanish)



Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety: Protecting Agricultural Pesticide Handlers (PNASH)

Orchard Injuries (PNASH)

Sexual Harassment Prevention (PNASH)

AgrAbility through education and assistance, AgrAbility enhances quality of life for agricultural workers with disabilities.

Farm Safety For Just Kids offers both materials for parents and children on farm safety.

Farm Safety Links from MEDLINEplus

Farm Safety & Health Information Clearinghouse is a comprehensive site managed by the University of Minnesota.

National Agricultural Library is a prime source for world-wide access to agricultural information.

The National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD)  is an online collection of information about health, safety and injury prevention in agriculture. The site in maintained by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

The Pacific Northwest Extension Service has a number of fact sheets in their Farm Safety Series (English and Spanish)


Northwest Forest Worker Safety (PNASH)

Forest Worker Safety Review Newsletter
Stay informed, share your news, and learn about focus topics such as: noise exposures, musculoskeletal risks and workforce development.


NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety website has the most comprehensive fishing safety materials resources.

Other Resources

The British Columbia Worker's Compensations Board (BC WCB) in Canada has an extensive selection of their own publications on topics in farming, fishing, and forestry.

Encyclopedia of Occupational Safety and Health developed by the International Labor Office, Inc. provides an excellent review of many workplace hazards and specific information on the hazards of agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

Health Initiative of the Americas 10th Anniversary Report features accmoplishment made towards immigrant health and was produced by the School of Public Helath, University of California, Berkeley.

The National Service Center for Environmental Publications distributes EPA publications, including many materials relating to pesticide health effects.

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OROSHA) produces a number of publications.

The Occupational Health and Safety Resource Center is a virtual repository of Spanish educational materials, data sources, and links to bilingual informational websites on occupational health and safety issues related to agricultural work. It also contains an ample list of national and state agencies that have produced materials in Spanish for farmworkers’ health-related problems. (Spanish only)

PUBMED is an online directory of medical publications with study abstracts managed by the National Library of Medicine.

Washington Department of Labor and Industries (WISHA) has many publications and videos available free of charge or through their lending library.

The Workers' Guide to Health and Safety provides practical information on workplace safety and features real-life worker stories. It was released in May, 2015 by Hesperian Health Guides.