Esther Min, MPH

Esther Min

Graduate Research Assistant

Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center
Min came to the University of Washington to earn her PhD in Environmental Health so that she could better assist and elevate communities. She was drawn to the program for its strong community relationships, fantastic faculty and its commitment to bringing together different groups – academics, policymakers and communities – to achieve common goals. Min hopes her experience and degree will give her the tools to support communities whose voices are unheard.

Currently, she is working on two projects under the umbrella of environmental justice. In one, she works with state agencies and community coalitions that do statewide policy work, alongside Dr. Edmund Seto, helping to develop what is called the Environmental Justice Mapping Tool. This project involves asking communities what environmental justice means to them and mapping their responses. The map can be used to prioritize resources and learn about policies that can bridge the gaps.

She is also working with Dr. Catherine Karr, on a community-engaged research project focused on improving pediatric asthma outcomes in the Yakima Valley.

Min hopes to stay in academia and become a researcher. She is also interested in teaching. 



Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences