Fluorescent Tracer Component for Hands-on Pesticide Handler Training

Principal Investigator: Richard Fenske, PhD, MPH
Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Washington
NIOSH 2004-2007
Lead by Dr. Richard Fenske, this project transferred a research tool for assessing pesticide exposure, the fluorescent tracer (FT) technique, into a hands-on pesticide handler training program. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) and the Washington State University (WSU) Agricultural Extension Service have developed a novel hands-on training method to reach primarily Hispanic and low-literacy pesticide handlers. The FT technique can be used to simulate pesticides during training and provides the pesticide handlers with an immediate demonstration of potential pesticide contamination. The visual result produced with FT method allows workers to see their own exposures. This immediate impact can increase awareness of how dermal pesticide exposure occurs. Currently, the FT component has been incorporated into the WSDA hands-on training curricula. The Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH) also developed an FT Manual and training kit that provides information on how to integrate the FT component into existing pesticide safety trainings.


Download the FT Manual and learn about renting or owning an FT Training kit by visiting our FT Featured Topic page.