Safety Surveillance for PNW Commercial Fishing: Risk Information System for Commercial (RISC) Fishing

Commercial fishing is vital to the Pacific Northwest (PNW), yet it has some of the highest rates of serious injuries and deaths. This comprehensive data project, RISC Fishing, uses multiple datasets to estimate injury risk and risk factors in commercial fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to work in partnership with fisheries to pinpoint and address hazards. . 

This project partners with the CDC/NIOSH Commercial Fishing Safety Program and is guided by a Technical Advisory Board composed of stakeholders from commercial fishing safety: related organizations, including the United States Coast Guard, Washington and Oregon fisheries management professionals, the Oregon Health Authority, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association (AMSEA), health and safety professionals who have worked or worked in commercial fishing safety, and Sea Grant commercial fishing extension agents. 

Principal Investigator: Laurel Kincl, PhD, MS
Associate Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health
Oregon State University

NIOSH 2016-2022

Partners and Advisories
NIOSH Western States Division
Oregon Trauma Registry
U.S. Coast Guard
Alaska Marine Safety Education Association
Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station

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