Interventions to Minimize Worker and Family Pesticide Exposures

(NIOSH 2006-2011) This field-based study identified, evaluated and disseminated practical pesticide safety measures that reduce pesticide exposures of agricultural workers and their families. These measures were developed on farms and brainstormed by a team of industry experts that included managers, workers, and pesticide safety educators. Direct community involvement was a key element of the project, and participation included 25 orchards and 95 individuals.In addition, the project team moved forward with the development of previously identified needs and solutions for: a protype mixer-loader splash shield; PPE fit and cleaning procedures; and validating a field analytic for pesticide residue using fluoro-specrephotometry. Twenty-one of the original thirty-one identified solutions were used or modified for inclusion in the Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety guide that is now available in English and Spanish. The Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety guide is being disseminated regionally and evaluated for uptake within the industry.