Introducing a Cholinesterase (ChE) Test Kit into Clinical Practice

(NIOSH 2006-2011) The ChE Test Kit has been used in countries around the globe and has been reported upon in many studies in the published literature. It has shown good performance when compared to laboratory-based systems. Easy to apply in a clinician’s office, the Test-mate can substantially reduce the time necessary to detect a cholinesterase inhibitor overexposure and will speed the response of the clinician with regard to removing over-exposed workers. This project introduced the Test-mate to clinics and work with large and small programs to facilitate the introduction by developing several "use models" based on the way the clinic conducts testing.

We have shown the Test-mate™ kit to be an effective, cost-efficient test that can provide rapid results for workers – important if they are shown to have a ChE depression. However, test-kit data for red blood cell (RBC) ChE, in general, did not agree well with the state designated laboratory, so at this time we do not recommend using the test-kit to replace the state designated laboratory for RBC ChE testing.