Kori VanDerGeest

Kori VanDerGeest

Graduate Research Assistant

Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center
VanDerGeest is pursuing her Masters in Public Health at the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences. VanDerGeest comes to PNASH with experience as an air permit specialist in Texas, a high school science teacher in rural New Mexico, and an undergraduate researcher in atmospheric chemistry. She is currently conducting her master’s thesis on effective communication with farmworker communities on the topic of well water quality. During her time with PNASH, VanDerGeest hopes to better understand how to conduct community-engaged projects that are based on equitable partnerships and meet community needs.
VanDerGeest is a recipient of the Russell L. Castner Endowed Student Research Fund award, which supports environmental health research. Earlier in the year, NIOSH featured her research on water quality, environmental justice and policy in rural California in their blog. 
Academic Accomplishments:
Russell L. Castner Endowed Student Research Fund award



Nitrate well water testing in agricultural communities: Improving environmental health communication with health behavior theory

Pacific Northwest Data COD: an Agricultural Worker Data Repository and Interactive Visualization

Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences