Occupational Skin Disorders in Region X Farming, Fishing, and Forestry

(NIOSH/CDC, 1996-2002) The objectives of this project were to: quantify the impact of dermatitis on the farming and forestry work force; characterize the most important causes; and develop interventions to control the major causes of farming and forestry workplace dermatitis in Region X. This project also explored pre-collected data systems for use in characterizing dermatitis in commercial fishing.

Vegetation was the leading cause of agricultural dermatitis but "unknown" was the second leading cause followed by "unspecified chemicals," "insecticides," and "soaps and detergents." Farm workers were the category of workers who were represented most frequently among agricultural dermatitis claims, representing 58.7% of all agricultural dermatoses claims. The majority of funds supporting this project derived from the Washington Medical Aid and Accident Fund through the Center.