Pesticide Effects: Integration into Health Care Provider Curricula

(NIOSH 2005-2011) Lead by Dr. Matthew Keifer, the goal of this project was to improve the training of health care providers in the diagnosis, care, and prevention of pesticide poisonings among those who work with pesticides. This project advanced the EPA’s goal to protect human health and address the intent of the Pesticide Registration and Improvement Act through improved poisoning reporting.

The project developed, tested, and distributed innovative materials for integrating the core competencies, as outlined in National Pesticide Competency Guidelines for Medical and Nursing Education, into the curricula of medical, public health, nursing, physician assistant and advanced nurse practitioner programs. The project enlisted students and faculty in these schools to assist in the development and introduction of these modules in their respective schools, thus developing a new cadre of “champions” in this and the next generation. Additionally, the project carefully monitored the introduction process across a broad range of curricular models in order to identify the most successful approaches to integrating these materials into the curricula. The program products were then tested regionally in preparation for national distribution.