Pilot: GRAS2P Food Safety Video

This video project integrates current pesticide safety standards into the video, Fieldworker Orientation and Food Safety/Orientation/Orientation para el Trabajador Agricola y Seguridad Alimenticia. The video is bilingual and will be used by growers and workers in Washington and across the United States to ensure effective food safety practices.

There are few training resources available to assist growers and farmworkers in meeting new food safety and pesticide safety requirements. There is a need for a video that addresses the major federal requirements on these topics, that can be used to supplement existing training and that can educate, inform and engage the viewer in a culturally sensitive way. This project developed a new, EPA and Washington State approved, training resource for the tree fruit industry addressing food and worker pesticide safety.


Principal Investigator: Alexandra Lewis-Lorenz, PhD, MA
Producer and Project Manager
AJL Productions, LLC

PNASH Pilot Project 2013-2015

This educational project integrated the current non-governmental food safety criteria of GlobalGAP and the governmental pesticide safety standards (Worker Protection Standard or WPS) of the EPA into a bilingual (Spanish/English), culturally sensitive, training video for farmworkers in the domestic produce industry.The video, Pesticide Safety for Agricultural Workers: Pesticide Safety (Module 6), is the first educational product approved to meet the 2016 revised EPA Worker Protection Standard.The Washington State Tree Fruit Association (WSTFA) incorporated this video (English and Spanish) into their GRAS2P (Growers Response to Agriculture, Safe and Sustainable Practices) educational program. This work was made possible through the support of partners in the agricultural Industry, the WSTFA, PNASH, and the EPA. The pesticide safety component that was sponsored by PNASH, is available at no cost through the EPA and the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative.

Partners and Advisories
Washington State Tree Fruit Association
US Environmental Protection Agency
Washington State Department of Agriculture and Labor and Industries

Video: Fieldworker Orientation and Food Safety (all 6 modules available for purchase)