Pilot: Oregon Crab Fisherman Safety and Personal Flotation Device Survey

(PNASH PIlot Project 2010-2011) The Oregon Crab Fishing Safety Assessment evaluated the effectiveness of current US Coast Guard and Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission safety initiatives and safety training programs, and field-tested five different PFDs; focusing on PFD attitudes, worker attitudes, and perceived risks. The results of this study provide feedback for policymakers and the industry considering additional safety measures, and contribute, with a local perspective, to future prevention-focused safety efforts in Oregon. This project launched a new partnership between PNASH, Oregon Health and Sciences University, NIOSH AK Field Station, and the Coast Guard.

Final Report

"Oregon Crab Fishing Safety Assessment" Dec. 2011

PFD Flyer: Why should I wear a PFD when I’m crab fishing? 

Other Resources

Oregon FACE "Crab Fishing Hazard Alert" DHH (NIOSH) Publication Nubmer 2011-104.