Use of Theater to Introduce Health and Safety Information in Hispanic Communities

(NIOSH/CDC, 1996-2001) The EWU Center for Farm Health and Safety developed a successful program that uses Spanish-language theater to provide farm workers with information on health hazards and prevention strategies. Based on data gathered from health and safety literature, key informant interviews, and a farm worker focus group, it was apparent that health and safety education must be sensitive to the literacy and language constraints of this worker population. Theater was selected as a method of providing farm health and safety education because it does not require a high level of literacy. The most urgent health and safety needs of Hispanic farm workers and their families were identified through a series of focus groups. The information gathered in the needs assessment was used to develop four one-act plays written and presented in Spanish.

Publication List

  • Elkind P. Theater as a mechanism for increasing farm health and safety knowledge. Am J of Ind Med Sup. 2002;3:1-9.