Oteri Oghoghomeh

Project title: Estimating Worker Noise Exposure in Medium Noise Environments in the Semiconductor Industry

Degree: MS | Program: Applied Occupational Hygiene (App OH) | Project type: Project
Completed in: 2015 | Faculty advisor: Noah S. Seixas


Noise exposure assessment is typically performed using personal dosimetry. However, in environments where background noise levels do not exceed 80dB, there is a potential for misclassification for the exposure variable. Alternate estimates of personal dosimetry have been investigated in the current study. Researchers compared personal dosimetry to exposure assessment techniques that rely upon sound level mapping. These sound level maps interpreted using group level exposure data did not yield reliable results. Task based exposure assessment had a moderate correlation with personal dosimetry. Chi-square tests for independence were done on 4 task based exposure assessment correction factors. A 20% and 30 % Dose correction to the task based output data successfully passed a chi-square test without disturbing the correlation. Researchers conclude that a task based exposure assessment has the potential to be a viable substitute for personal dosimetry to estimate noise exposure in environments underneath the action limit.