One Health Day November 3, 2016

COHR hosted Carol Bogezi, PhD candidate and winner of the 2016 Bullitt Prize award for young environmental researchers.

Washington State One Health Steering Commitee

COHR participates in the Washington State One Health Steering Commitee which is engaged in trans-diciplinary efforts to address One Health issues including antimicrobial resistance, avian influenza, and other zoonotic diseases.

Helping the homeless by helping their pets:

An innnovative "One Health" model where the homeless can seek health care for their pets while also seeking it for themselves.

Impact of Water on Health:

Dr. Rabinowitz participated in a panel discussion of using data to find emerging patterns of disease and pathogens including variables of climate, environmental factors at the human-animal-ecosystem interface.

View on YouTube.

COHR's Dr. Heather Fowler volunteers at a veterinary clinic for homeless and low-income pet owners in Seattle

Zoobiquity 2014

The Center for One Health Research proudly hosted the 2014 Zoobiquity Conference on Saturday, November 1, 2014 at the University of Washington and the Woodland Park Zoo. 

The Zoobiquity 2014 Conference brought together health experts in human, veterinary and environmental health to exchange ideas and research in a species-spanning "One Health" approach. Sessions included discussions on obesity, abusive environments, and respiratory disease in the shared environments of humans and animals. The afternoon sessions included "walking rounds" at the Woodland Park Zoo to discuss shared health issues between humans and animals in a zoo setting.