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Funded Projects


Effects of working memory and muscle fatigue on dynamic gait balance control in older workers
University of Oregon
Student: Szu-Hua (Teresa) Chen
Mentor: Dr. Li-Shan Chou

Cannabis Industry and Pesticide Usage Proposal
Oregon State University
Student: Richard Evoy
Mentor: Dr. Laurel Kincl

Extending the Quality Improvement of Child Care to Include the Carer: Identifying the Extent of Occupational Health Risks for Child Care Providers
Oregon State University
Student: Jessica Henry
Mentor: Dr. Bridget Hatfield

Differential Stress/Strain Responses among Nurses as a Function of Race
Portland State University
Student: Lauren S. Park
Mentor: Dr. Larry R. Martinez

The Impact of Caregiving on Worker Health: A Daily Diary Study of Personal Support Workers
Oregon Health and Science University
Student: Kelsey Parker
Mentor: Dr. Ryan Olson & Dr. Jennifer Ragsdale

Job Hazard Analysis in Agriculture: Developing Tools to Evaluate the Effect of Alternative Production Systems on Worker Health
Boise State University
Student: Jessica Porter
Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Curl