We study how environmental and workplace factors can affect human health and how to identify and prevent these exposures and adverse outcomes. Our goal—through research, teaching, and service—is to protect human health by reducing harmful exposures and promoting those activities with positive benefits.

  • NIH Awards Nearly $5 Million to UW Research Team Will Study Environmental Influences on Child Health Photo © Courtesy of National Institutes of Health Learn More
  • Oct. 20: Peter A. Breysse Memorial Lecture The Effects of Night Shift Work on Health Photo © Courtesy of Steven Shea Learn More
  • Jane Vaccaro MPH student works with Northwest Tribal Emergency Management Council Photo © Courtesy of Jane Vaccaro Learn More
  • EPA Funds Yakima Valley Project To Develop Low-Cost Sensors for Wood Smoke, Team with High School Students Photo © Bill Smith, Flickr Creative Commons Learn More
  • Bakken Oil Transport Emerging Risks Awareness Training on Sept. 27 Photo © Adobe Stock_ Kzenon Learn More
  • Professor Joel Kaufman Named Interim Dean of Public Health Photo © Mary Levin. Learn More
  • Read Our Department Stories About... Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Photo © Katherine Turner Learn More


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  • Marilyn Roberts talks about germs that may be found on loofah and other bathroom scrubbers. In the News
    Yahoo Beauty | September 22, 2016
  • NIH Awards Nearly $5 Million to Research Environmental Influences on Child Health News Release
    September 21, 2016
  • Indonesian forest fires that choked a swath of Southeast Asia with a smoky haze for weeks last year may have caused more than 100,000 deaths, according to new research that will add to pressure on Indonesia's government to tackle the annual crisis. Dean Howard Frumkin is quoted. In the News
    Fox News | September 19, 2016