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A man in a purple T-shirt sits on a bench in front of bushes.

Uncovering a passion for public health

A desire to help others sets DEOHS scholarship winner Jovanny Rodriguez on a path to a public health career

June 10, 2021 | Jolayne Houtz

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Portrait of Scyler Li with trees in the background

At the nexus of human and animal health

Multitalented Tianai (Scyler) Li is the 2021 DEOHS Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Portrait of Magali Blanco in front of greenery.

Big data, big impact

DEOHS Outstanding PhD Student Magali Blanco applies science and big data to investigate health risks in communities exposed to chemicals and air pollution

Woman looking to the right with a rope and wood bridge behind her in a forested landscape.

Bringing a global view to environmental justice

DEOHS MPH student Renée Codsi wins Husky 100 and DEOHS Outstanding Master’s Student awards

Downtown Seattle in a haze of wildfire smoke with trees in the foreground.

HEPA air cleaners could prevent deaths from wildfire smoke

A wildfire smoke event in 2020 may have led to nearly 100 deaths in Washington, but there are steps we can take now to avert future deaths, new DEOHS research suggests

Three young girls sit on a grassy hillside in a smoggy city.

Healthy air for healthy children

Major health problems in children linked to air pollution, says DEOHS Professor Catherine Karr, co-author of new American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement

Aerial shot of Drumheller Fountain, UW campus

Funding for occupational hygiene students

Four DEOHS students win scholarships from the American Industrial Hygiene Foundation



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