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Two kids bike and one kid walks through flood water with a yellow shuttered building in the background.

Climate change sounds ‘code red’ for health

Climate crisis gravely threatens human health, according to new Lancet Countdown report coauthored by DEOHS researchers

December 2, 2021 | Constance McBarron

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A mid adult Asian couple standing at a kitchen counter in their home, they are preparing a salad for lunch together. The man is preparing lettuce leaves while holding his young son in his arms. His pregnant wife is grating carrots next to him.

How a key nutritional program adapted to the pandemic

Washington’s WIC nutritional support program served more families by increasing remote access, new UW-WIC study shows

Woman in a climbing harness with rope stands on a mountain peak with mountains and snow in the background.

Finding community outdoors

DEOHS PhD student Amber Khan launches new group breaking down barriers to mountain adventure for UW students of color

Aerial view of the Duwamish River in Seattle looking north into downtown.

Plain talk on polluters, politicians and public health

Linda Birnbaum, former director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and of the National Toxicology Program, will speak December 9 on the University of Washington campus

lady working in the tropics

Deforestation's toll on outdoor workers

Deforestation and climate change linked to more worker deaths and unsafe conditions, according to new study co-authored by DEOHS researchers

Two-photo collage. Left-hand photo shows Joanne Medina in Army uniform with her husband and their three children standing in front of a cake. Right-hand photo shows Medina seated in a University of Washington t-shirt.

Serving her country through public health

DEOHS MPH student Joanne Medina has spent nearly 10 years promoting environmental health in the US Army

Woman with a surgical mask turns a dial on a portable air quality monitor in a classroom with a flag and desks in the background.

New grants promote cleaner classroom air

DEOHS researchers awarded nearly $1.5 million from Washington State Legislature and the US Environmental Protection Agency to improve air quality in schools



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