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Portrait of Isabel Nerenberg smiling and sitting in a chair.

Learning about disaster resilience from coastal communities

DEOHS MS student wins Castner Award to support research with communities engaged in coastal relocation

September 28, 2022 | Deirdre Lockwood

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Fruits and vegetables sit in colorful rows on a table.

Introducing food systems diplomacy

Food scholars call for a new, more balanced food governance system to contribute to a healthier population and planet

Claire Schollaert sits on a bench on the UW campus.

Protecting communities while reducing wildfire risk

DEOHS PhD student wins Castner Award to support air quality research on prescribed burns

mike talking with play button

New federal grant to improve Northwest agricultural safety and health

The Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center, part of DEOHS, receives new federal funding for research on safety and health in the forestry, fishing and farming sectors

A person with only torso and arms in view bathing a golden retriever in a bathtub.

Can pets get monkeypox?

UW Center for One Health Research launches new study on monkeypox transmission between people and their pets

Diana Marquez stands in front of an enclosure of cows at a dairy farm with a notebook in her hands.

Building trust with farmworkers

DEOHS master's student in Occupational Hygiene interns with Washington State Department of Labor & Industries in the Yakima Valley

Closeup photo of Everetta Rasyid smiling, wearing a brown hijab outside.

Supporting safer chemicals for consumers

DEOHS master's student in Applied Toxicology screens printing chemicals for safety as an intern with HP



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