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A man in a checked shirt draws on a whiteboard while a young woman in a blue shirt watches.

Fueling scientific discovery through collaboration

DEOHS Professor Terrance Kavanagh retires after 36 years at the UW exploring how genetics and environmental exposures to chemicals contribute to disease

October 25, 2021 | Jolayne Houtz

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A woman dressed in a yellow shirt holds a bowl of leafy greens and other vegetables.

Air pollution and high blood pressure in children

Prenatal exposure to air pollution is associated with high blood pressure in early childhood—but good maternal nutrition may offer protection, according to a new study from UW School of Public Health researchers and partners

A team in labcoats poses in their lab.

Innovative toxicology research wins award

DEOHS Associate Professor Julia Yue Cui honored for her work exploring how the gut microbiome could protect against exposures to environmental contaminants

A red barn and farmland in the foreground with Mount Baker in the background.

COVID-19 on Washington farms

Nearly two-thirds of farms experienced increased operating costs, according to new report from the UW Center for Public Health Nutrition, DEOHS and partners

Portrait of Drury outside with a tree in the background.

Reaching out for change on the farm

DEOHS MPH student and outreach specialist Dennise Drury tackles sexual harassment in agriculture

A person harvests plants in a field exposed to direct sun with mountains and trees in the background.

Deforestation threatens worker health and productivity

Heat limits worker productivity in tropical deforested areas, according to new study from DEOHS, The Nature Conservancy and others

A woman leans against a wooden railing.

Collaborating to solve public health problems

PhD student Yisi Liu works with international partners to understand how air pollution affects health



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