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Our most-read stories of 2019

From “popcorn lung” to mapping environmental health risks: a look back at our top stories from Health & Safety Matters, the DEOHS blog

December 13, 2019 | Jolayne Houtz

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Close-up of the metal cadmium, shown as two irregular bluish-silver shapes on a white background.

Cadmium exposure and Alzheimer's risk

New evidence links cadmium exposure to key Alzheimer’s gene and accelerated cognitive decline

A jet airplane takes off from Sea-Tac Airport, with Mount Rainier in the background.

Mapping jet pollution at Sea-Tac Airport

Communities around Sea-Tac Airport are exposed to a unique mix of air pollution associated with aircraft, new UW study finds

A table with a vase of flowers, a candle, and some printed materials on preventing sexual harassment in agriculture.

Sexual harassment in the fields

Farmworker stories and DEOHS research inform new training video to prevent sexual harassment of agricultural workers

Peter Johnson in a King County Bus

Champion of ergonomics

DEOHS Professor Peter Johnson, founder of UW ErgoLab, to retire after 18 years

Lady pulling on rubber glove

US foreign policy could halt today’s major killers, prevent tomorrow’s outbreaks

United States action on global pandemics could save lives, address significant foreign policy interests and boost economic prosperity, according to a new analysis from leading researchers, including Kristie Ebi, an expert on global change and health at the University of Washington School of Public Health.

A toddler girl stands outside in a park with fallen leaves.

The lifelong health impacts of business as usual

Climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children and threatens lifelong impact, says DEOHS co-author of Lancet report