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Air pollution and autism

New DEOHS study shows how exposure to air pollution early in life may lead to autism

February 14, 2019 | Ashlie Chandler

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A group of high school teachers try out a science experiment during a UW workshop. Photo: Sarah Fish

Getting their hands on science

From sun exposure to vaping, this teacher training program pioneered by DEOHS is changing how high school students learn about health and the environment

Graphic illustrates a person's vulnerability plus their exposure equals their risk. Adapted from document titled, "An Unfair Share: Climate Change Hits Some Harder Than Others".

Who is hurt the most by climate change?

The answer depends on who you are and where you live, says a new report co-authored by DEOHS researchers

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Dirty skies and your health

DEOHS Chair Michael Yost says proposed rollback of vehicle emission standards threatens public health

Headshot of Vanessa Galaviz, who sits in a room with windows behind her.

An emerging leader

DEOHS Lecturer Vanessa Galaviz recognized by the American Public Health Association

DEOHS student Silvia Rus examines data gathered during her internship as her supervisors look on. Photo courtesy of Silvia Rus.

Learning beyond the classroom

DEOHS invests in tomorrow’s health and safety leaders by supporting student internships