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A woman dressed in a yellow shirt holds a bowl of leafy greens and other vegetables.

Air pollution and high blood pressure in children

Prenatal exposure to air pollution is associated with high blood pressure in early childhood—but good maternal nutrition may offer protection, according to a new study from UW School of Public Health researchers and partners

May 4, 2021 | Jolayne Houtz

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A wilting sunflower surrounded by dried out plants.

A hotter future could be deadly for many

US deaths due to heat exposure may markedly increase in a warming climate, according to research from DEOHS and collaborators

Alexandria Vingino standing in front of a lake and mountain, with a cloth face mask in hand.

Why are there drug-resistant bacteria in seal poop?

MPH student Alexandria Vingino and collaborators find antibiotic-resistant E. coli in the waste of some marine mammals around Puget Sound

A woman smiles while bottle-feeding two white lambs.

Safety for swine workers

A DEOHS graduate student connects with a recent alumna to identify risks to pork industry workers and how to prevent them

A mannequin on an operating table with a black air monitoring sensor on its chest.

Can the coronavirus spread in hospital air?

Using state-of-the-art sensors, DEOHS researchers team up with UW colleagues to track aerosols in a hospital environment

Woman with surgical mask and gloves on sits at a conference table with papers, sanitizer, wipes and N95 masks.

Reusing N95 masks safely

Two DEOHS graduate students are part of a UW team testing how many times N95 masks can be disinfected and reused for health care

Wildfire smoke with mountains in the background and evergreens in the foreground.

Facing wildfire smoke amid COVID-19

Communities need connection to weather wildfire smoke and climate change, but the pandemic is making it harder to come together



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