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Air pollution and autism

New DEOHS study shows how exposure to air pollution early in life may lead to autism

February 14, 2019 | Ashlie Chandler

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Photo of cherry blossoms by Elizar Mercado

A champion for worker safety

DEOHS faculty member Stanley Freeman remembered for his contributions to curriculum and workplace safety

An astronaut model holds kidney-on-a-chip, a device created by a UW team with support from the Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomics and Environment at DEOHS.

Kidney-on-a-chip goes to space

UW team supported by DEOHS prepares to send its simulated kidney technology to the International Space Station

Photo by Richard Thornton via shutterstock

Stay heat safe

Hot tips from DEOHS to help outdoor workers stay healthy as temperatures rise

Mussels on a Washington state beach.

New concerns about shellfish toxin

UW study suggests domoic acid may affect maternal and fetal health at levels below government threshold

Fluorescent tracer glows under black light. Photo by Sarah Fish

Seeing is believing

Pioneering technique developed by DEOHS researchers illustrates pesticide contamination risks

Pablo Palmandéz, DEOHS communication workplace specialist, describes how fluorescent tracer technology can be used in training agricultural workers at a recent conference for health professionals. Professor Richard Fenske is shown at center. Photo: Sarah Fish

Supporting tomorrow’s environmental health leaders

DEOHS alumnus invests in students with “fire in their bellies” who share his passion for health and the environment