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Close-up photo of Megumi Matsushita smiling outside in front of a bush.

Advocating for health equity and antiracism

DEOHS Outstanding PhD Student Megumi Matsushita explores how toxic metals affect the brain

May 12, 2022 | Deirdre Lockwood

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A man in a checked shirt draws on a whiteboard while a young woman in a blue shirt watches.

Fueling scientific discovery through collaboration

DEOHS Professor Terrance Kavanagh retires after 36 years at the UW exploring how genetics and environmental exposures to chemicals contribute to disease

A close-up of a woman in a blue jacket smiling, standing on a beach with mountains in background.

Bridging worker and animal health

With help from her DEOHS mentor, MS student Lily Myers combines her passion for marine mammals with an occupational health degree

A man wearing graduation regalia leads a group of faculty out of a graduation ceremony.

Dr. Howard Frumkin elected to National Academy of Medicine

DEOHS professor emeritus and former UW School of Public Health dean honored for his research on public health and the environment

A man wearing a face mask sits in the back seat of a car.

App-based drivers report COVID-19 stress

DEOHS-led study provides rare window into work life of app-based drivers during pandemic

Cartoon of two images of a woman in hijab with a right arrow between them. The first image shows her holding a bottle of soap and cleaning a sink. The second shows her spraying disinfectant on a sink. Text bubble above: Always clean before you disinfect so the disinfectab

Safer cleaning through comics

DEOHS researchers with Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units develop comic strips in nine languages to promote safer cleaning habits for families

Woman looks down at laptop with her hands on the keys, indoors at a desk next to an open window.

Measuring the pandemic’s toll on mental health

DEOHS Associate Professor Edmund Seto and collaborators tracked stress and anxiety during Washington’s stay-at-home orders



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