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Washingtonians are more likely to die on smoky days, new UW research shows
January 17, 2020 | Crosscut | Featured: Tania M Busch Isaksen View

Climate change harms the health of children
January 9, 2020 | UW Daily | Featured: Jeremy J Hess, Kristie L. Ebi View

Perspective: The false promise of natural gas
January 13, 2020 | New England Journal of Medicine | Featured: Howard Frumkin View

Little-understood, unregulated particles pollute neighborhoods under Sea-Tac flight paths, UW study finds
December 20, 2019 | Seattle Times | Featured: Elena Austin, Joel D. Kaufman, Lianne Sheppard View

Carbon dioxide could make it harder to think
December 20, 2019 | Gizmodo | Featured: Joel D. Kaufman View

Lovely But Dangerous, Wood Fires Bring Health Risks
December 13, 2019 | US News & World Report | Featured: Joel D. Kaufman View

'We just want to work': Washington farmworkers say enough to sexual assault
December 11, 2019 | Crosscut | Featured: Victoria Breckwich Vasquez, Jody Early, Pacific NW Agricultural Safety and Health Center View

UW study looks at ‘unique’ pollution around Sea-Tac Airport
December 5, 2019 | Q-13 Fox News | Featured: Edmund Y. W. Seto View

Sea-Tac planes are emitting a unique kind of pollution —and it's not regulated
December 4, 2019 | KUOW | Featured: Edmund Y. W. Seto View

Study: Children's health will be affected by climate change throughout lives
November 27, 2019 | New Orleans Public Radio | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

Researchers co-lead US policy brief for 2019 Lancet report on health and climate change
December 5, 2019 | UW School of Public Health News | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

New toolkit aims to prevent sexual harassment in the agriculture industry
November 25, 2019 | Yakima Herald | Featured: Jody Early; Victoria Breckwich Vasquez View

Job flexibility, control and salary play a role in worker health and safety, researchers say
November 26, 2019 | Safety+Health | Featured: Noah S. Seixas View

Baking cities advance 'slowly' in race against rising heat threat
November 26, 2019 | Reuters | Featured: Kristie L. Ebi View

State environmental justice task force comes to Yakima to hear community concerns
November 26, 2019 | Yakima Herald | Featured: Washington Environmental Health Disparities map developed by DEOHS and our partners View