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What you can do to help reduce food waste
December 17, 2020 | Chicago Sun-Times | Featured: Jennifer Otten View

One Health Clinic starts with the pets but gives care to their people, too
December 10, 2020 | KNKX | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

Tracking the seasons of pandemic response in Seattle
December 9, 2020 | High Country News | Featured: Nicole Errett View

Task force says reparations may be needed as state works toward environmental justice
December 8, 2020 | KNKX | Featured: Washington Environmental Health Disparities map developed by DEOHS and our partners View

Spit in a tube and mail it in: A new frontier in coronavirus testing
December 3, 2020 | New York Times | Featured: Gerard A. Cangelosi View

How has COVID-19 changed our behavior?
December 2, 2020 | KIRO Radio (broadcast) | Featured: Nicole Errett View

Climate change is already a disaster to health, doctors say
December 2, 2020 | The Verge | Featured: Jeremy J Hess View

Special report: U.S. air monitors routinely miss pollution - even refinery explosions
December 1, 2020 | Reuters | Featured: Joel D. Kaufman View

Fourth state confirms mink farm coronavirus outbreaks as U.S. looks to avoid Denmark’s disaster
December 1, 2020 | Washington Post | Featured: Peter Rabinowitz View

How widespread is mask-wearing in Washington? UW study aims to find out, starting in King County
November 30, 2020 | Seattle Times | Featured: Martin A. Cohen, Marissa Baker View

How ventilation plays a role in reducing indoor spread of COVID-19
November 25, 2020 | Crosscut | Featured: Martin A. Cohen View

Opinion: We need a National Institute of Climate Change and Health
November 23, 2020 | Scientific American | Featured: Howard Frumkin View

That new study saying masks might not be effective? It has a few caveats.
November 23, 2020 | Popular Science | Featured: Gerard A. Cangelosi View

Heat is killing more people than ever. Scientists are looking for ways to lower the risk
November 13, 2020 | Science | Featured: June T. Spector View

Evictions would raise COVID-19 risk for everyone
November 10, 2020 | Live Science | Featured: Hilary Arnold Godwin View