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Three people stand together in front of a research poster smiling.

Mentoring with compassion and clarity

DEOHS Professor Zhengui Xia is the 2022 DEOHS Outstanding Faculty Mentor

June 21, 2022 | Deirdre Lockwood

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A group of seven people poses next to each other on a dirt pathway.

Equitable and sustainable food production

New book by DEOHS faculty member explores how the fair-trade movement in coffee and tea production can create just and sustainable supply chains that benefit people and the environment

Portrait of Inna Antonchuk looking at camera, wearing a gold pendant necklace with the letter V.

Ensuring respiratory health in long-term care

DEOHS MPH student Inna Antonchuk works with Washington State Department of Health to support occupational health nursing outreach for assisted living

Aerial view of the Duwamish River in Seattle looking north into downtown.

Disaster resilience with an equity focus

DEOHS will partner with two South Seattle communities to help them prepare for future disasters and climate change impacts while addressing environmental injustice

A woman wearing a hat sits on a wooden deck overlooking a river next to her black dog.

Decoding the science

DEOHS doctoral student Nancy Carmona works to make her air pollution research accessible to non-scientists: “I want people to see they can take action to protect their health.”

Woman with glasses and a nose ring holds a golden retriever puppy outside while smiling.

The risks veterinarians face in the pandemic

DEOHS MPH student and veterinarian Katy Burr assesses the health and safety of others in her field

A young woman with long black hair and a white jacket sits at an outdoor table.

Managing the health impacts of extreme heat

DEOHS student Juliette Randazza examines how smart public policy can protect public health in a warming world



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