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Air pollution and autism

New DEOHS study shows how exposure to air pollution early in life may lead to autism

February 14, 2019 | Ashlie Chandler

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Image of the mapping tool.

Mapping Washington’s environmental health disparities

New tool developed by DEOHS and our partners shows communities most impacted by pollution and environmental inequality 

Photo of Dr. Esi Nkyekyer in the Occupational Medicine Clinic.

The doctors for your life

Specialists help injured workers get their lives back at the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic, a collaboration among DEOHS, Harborview, UW Medicine and the UW Division of General Internal Medicine 

Professor Lianne Sheppard stands outside a University of Washington building next to a green plant.

A matter of scientific integrity

Three DEOHS researchers are among a group of experts calling into question the EPA’s new scientific review process for air pollution 

Professor Terrance Kavanagh writes on a whiteboard as a student watches.

Celebrating a lifetime of scientific achievement

DEOHS Professor Terrance Kavanagh investigates what makes some of us more vulnerable to toxic chemicals and environmental exposures

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The more you know

Pathogens and microbes and fungal spores, oh my! DEOHS students learn to live with the health risks they study

Photo of David Kalman at the podium. Photo credit: Sarah Fish.

A legacy of impact

David Kalman, DEOHS professor and former chair, retires after a 40-year career at the UW