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A person bicycles in a protected bike lane marked on the street in Seattle.

Improving road safety in Seattle doesn’t come at a cost to businesses

Seattle’s Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and injuries is unlikely to hurt business sales, according to new UW research

| Alden Woods

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Kids playing in a fountain

Our top stories of 2023

The year of community resilience: Counting down our most-read stories of 2023

A collage of four photos of participants in the storymap: Paulina López, Robin Schwartz, Alberto J. Rodríguez and Maribel Pastor.

Building climate resilience along Seattle’s riverfront

New storymap highlights voices of the Duwamish Valley in concert with study results supporting the City of Seattle’s climate resilience efforts

Cars sit in traffic on Highway 520.

Breathing highway air increases blood pressure

New study led by DEOHS researchers finds increase in blood pressure from breathing unfiltered air during rush hour is comparable to the effect of a high-sodium diet

Smoky skies over the Seattle skyline looking west to Olympic Mountains.

Climate change causing ‘indisputable’ harm to our health

5th National Climate Assessment authors include DEOHS climate experts

John Lykins smiles outside with a UW Huskies shirt on, in front of some bushes on the UW campus.

From Navy service to industrial hygiene

DEOHS Applied MS student and veteran John Lykins hopes to safeguard maritime workers

A young man with glasses and wearing a white lab coat holds bouquets of flowers and is surrounded by his family.

A launching pad into medical school

A BS in Environmental Health laid the foundation for Dr. Troy Yi’s career as a pediatrician



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