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Our most-read stories of 2019

From “popcorn lung” to mapping environmental health risks: a look back at our top stories from Health & Safety Matters, the DEOHS blog

December 13, 2019 | Jolayne Houtz

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Discussion in front of a food truck

Green cleaning on the menu

New project led by DEOHS and funded by UW’s EarthLab promotes green cleaning in food trucks to protect workers and the environment

Two women wearing air masks on bicycles on a dirt road.

Pollution, climate change and the Global Burden of Disease

GBD study could benefit from more environmental health and climate change estimates, says new commentary by DEOHS and our partners

Close-up of a shower faucet and a spray of water.

The bacteria in your shower

Showerheads can harbor bacteria related to tuberculosis that can cause a rare, serious pulmonary disease, according to new DEOHS research

Two men wearing hats sit across from each other smiling and grasping hands.

Improving animal worker safety

DEOHS team introduces a One Health approach in Mongolia, where herding livestock remains a way of life

A man holds an e-cigarette while exhaling smoke.

Sharing the science on vaping

With new grant funding, DEOHS research center will develop hands-on lessons for youth about the health risks of e-cigarette use

Three women stand outside talking, one holding a computer tablet.

A voice for farmworkers

DEOHS staff member Maria Blancas wins prestigious environmental prize for her advocacy work with immigrant farmworkers