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General Department Mailing Address:
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Washington
Chair's Office F463
Box 357234
Seattle, WA 98195-7234
Phone: (206) 543-6991

Delivery Address:
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Washington
Box 357234
1959 NE Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 543-6991

Maps, Directions, and information about the five DEOHS locations: UW Health Sciences, Roosevelt One, Northlake Way, Lake Union Place, and Harborview

Office of Academic Services

TitleKey ContactTelephone (206)Box #
Director and Undergraduate Program CoordinatorScott Meschke221-5470354695
Graduate Program CoordinatorRichard Fenske543-0916357234
Manager of Student Services & Academic ServicesTrina Sterry616-4177357234
Instruction Support SpecialistJon Sharpe221-8690357234
Academic Internship & Career Services ManagerHayley Leventhal 543-8572357234
Budget and Student Funding ManagerGrace Wong685-9331357234
Program CoordinatorJanet Hang543-0049357234


Department Adminstration

TitleKey ContactTelephone (206)Box #
ChairMichael Yost685-7243357234
Assistant ChairLianne Sheppard616-2722357234
Assistant ChairMarty Cohen616-1905354695
Department AdministratorAdrienne Hidy543-6770357234
Budgeting, Finance, & PurchasingPatrick Lennon543-2883357234
PayrollAnne Sathe543-0582357234
DEOHS Human Subject ReviewerJerry Cangelosi543-2005354695
Academic Human Resources ManagerSusan Monusko543-6992357234
Assistant to the ChairJared Berg  
Roosevelt Building ManagerCollin White616-4982354695
Administrative CoordinatorRandy Katz685-4219357234


Department Communications Team


Key Contact

Telephone (206)Box #
Web DeveloperNancy Eckert543-3332357234
Graphic Designer/PhotographerSarah Fish 616-7924357234
Web DesignerLetty Limbach685-6094357234

Department IT Team

ProgramKey ContactTelephone (206)Box #
ComputingBrian High543-9546357234
Networking and Desktop SupportElliot Norwood543-0612357234
Systems Administrator / Information Security Officer John Yocum616-7336354695

Prospective and Current Students

ProgramKey ContactTelePhone (206)Box #
Undergraduate and Graduate ProgramTrina Sterry616-4177357234


Degree Options

ProgramKey ContacttelePhone (206)Box #
Environmental HealthChristine Tran543-6959354695
Occupational and Environmental Exposure ScienceJacob Delbridge685-3250357234
Environmental ToxicologyMary Saucier616-3886354695
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Liz Fawthrop744-9393359739
MPH ProgramPeter Rabinowitz616-0598357234

Continuing Education

ProgramKey ContacttelePhone (206)Box #
Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Centerce@uw.edu685-3089 or 800-326-7568354695
Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety Continuing Educationce@uw.edu543-1069 or 800-326-7568354695

Service Programs

ProgramKey ContacttelePhone (206)Box #
Environmental Health LabRussell Dills543-3263357234
Field Research and Consultation GroupMartin Cohen543-9711354695
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) ClinicMyduyen Ngo744-3261359739
Continuing EducationNancy Simcox616-3039354695


Centers & Institutes

ProgramKey ContacttelePhone (206)Box #
Biostatistics/Epidemiology Training GrantWilliam Pickert543-2837354695
Center for Child Environmental Health Riskschc@uw.edu685-2269354695
Center for Exposures, Diseases, Genomics, and Environment (EDGE)Liz Guzy685-5333354695
DISCOVER CenterTaylor Hendricksen221-6156354695
Functional Genomics and Proteomics LabTheo Bammler616-7378357234
Institute for Risk Analysis and Risk Communicationirarc@uw.edu685-2269354695
MESA Air Pollution StudyTaylor Hendricksen221-6156354695
Northwest Center for Occupational Health and SafetyWilliam Pickert543-2837354695
Occupational Epidemiology and Outcomes Research ProgramDeborah Fulton-Kehoe543-3686 or 685-7080358772
Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH)Marcy Harrington 685-8962357234
Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unitpehsu@uw.edu744-9380359739
Predictive Toxicology Center685-2269354695
Superfund Research ProgramMary Saucier616-3886357234
University of Washington Center for Clear Air ResearchTaylor Hendricksen221-6156354695
University of Washington Nanotoxicology Centernanotox@uw.edu685-5378354695
Center for One Health ResearchVickie Ramirez685-2654357234