The Northwest Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit seeks to reduce environmental health risks to children by providing training for health professionals, communities and families through consultation, educational activities, and referrals.

  • Children can come into contact with environmental hazards from putting their hands or other objects that have been contaminated into their mouths. Keep a child’s play area and toys free of dirt and dust and practice frequent handwashing. Photo © PEHSU Learn More
  • Our Team PEHSU is a national network of academically based specialists dedicated to providing expertise to health care professionals and the public on environmental factors that influence reproductive and children’s health. Photo © PEHSU Learn More
  • Pediatric Lead Exposure: Diagnosis, Management, and Prevention Take this FREE On-Demand Training to learn more about children's lead exposures and receive continuing education credit. Photo © CKarr Learn More
  • Washing fresh fruits and vegetables before eating them is one step families can take to reduce exposure to pesticides. Photo © PEHSU Learn More

Northwest PEHSU (Region X). Seattle, WA indicated by the star on the map above.