PNASH Pilot Project Program - Small Grants

The Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (PNASH), funded by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, is pleased to announce funding opportunities for projects related to agricultural safety and health.

Each year of our current funding cycle (2011-2016) we offer opportunities for Northwest researchers, students, and community members and organizations to apply for project funding directly through our center. The goal of this funding program is to stimulate innovative research; encourage collaboration between institutions and involvement with concerned communities; and attract new and established investigators to the field of agricultural health and safety.

For PNASH's 2014-2015 year, small grant priorities areas include: commercial fishing sector; Total Worker Health (see NIOSH's Total Worker Health page for details), vulnerable populations, pilot research with the intent to develop a project proposal for PNASH's next program cycle.

2015-2016 Program Deadlines

Two to three projects will be funded for a period of one year (September 30, 2014-September 29, 2015). The awards will be made for $20,000-$40,000 total costs per project.
(IDC/F&A costs are limited to a maximum of 8% for these awards).

June 5, 2015: Pre-Proposal Due to Center
July 6, 2015: Proposal Application Due to Center
Early August 2015: Completion of External Review
August 14, 2015: Earliest Date of Award Notification
September 30, 2015: Earliest Date of Funds Availability
September 29, 2016: Completion of Funded Pilot Projects

Contact PNASH for more information or questions regarding the proposal guidelines.
Phone: 206-616-1958 or 1-800-330-0827
Email: pnash@uw.edu

Contact Dr. Michael Yost with questions regarding the relevance or feasibility of a project idea. Email: airion@uw.edu

Student Projects

Research opportunities exist for matriculated undergraduate and graduate students.  Previous student projects led by PNASH investigators have focused on pesticide exposure, injury epidemiology, and environmental justice. The PNASH Center is multidicisplinary and in the past, has sponsored student projects from the UW Department of Anthropology, UW School of Medicine, UW School or Nursing, and the Evans School of Public Affairs. Additional students are involved with our partners at Washington State University, Oregon Health Sciences University, Oregon State University and the NIOSH Alaska Pacific Office.

PNASH Advisor

Our research requires close ties to agricultural communities and regional players that have a stake in occupational safety and health in farming, fishing, and forestry. If you feel you can contribute to making PNASH's research relevant to your community and interests, we would welcome you as an advisor. The PNASH Center offers two ways for you to participate: a two-year appointment to serve on our advisory board or an informal advisory role where we provide you with regular updates on our activities and findings and seek your input.

Collaborative Projects

The PNASH Center encourages new and established investigators to pursue research in agricultural safety and health. We are happy to assist investigators by serving as a resource, working in partnership, or helping pursue funding available directly through the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and others, depending on the project focus.

We would like to hear from you.

If you have a project idea, are interested in pursuing agricultural safety and health research, or would like to serve as a PNASH advisor, please contact us at pnash@uw.edu.