Vanessa Galavíz, PhD, MPH

Director of Community Engagement and Education
PNASH Center
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

UW Box 357234
Seattle, WA 98195-7234

Dr. Galaviz is an environmental health scientist whose work focuses on addressing environmental injustices faced by underserved communities. She works to reduce exposures in  predominately low-income and minority populations with multiple sources of pollution who also face occupational, socioeconomic and biological stressors. In combination, these stressors can increase vulnerability to adverse health effects from exposure to pollution inevitably resulting in disproportionate health impacts. She is  Mexican-American and experienced first-hand the struggles of living in an underserved community in Los Angeles, and was first in her family to attend college and graduate school.  Dr. Galaviz has experience in multiple aspects of the environmental health field, including industrial hygiene/exposure assessment, air pollution, biomarkers of exposure and susceptibility, cumulative impacts, community-based participatory research, citizen science, and science-policy work. She works in partnership with communities, government, and academics to achieve environmental justice for underserved communities.

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