Our People

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Laboratory Management

Director: Shar Samy, PhD 

Program Operations Manager: Glen Abel


Laboratory Staff

Research Scientist: Jacqui Ahmad

Research Scientist: Luke Moser

Research Scientist: Christine Olson

Research Scientist: Catherine Signoretty



Shar Samy photo

Shar Samy


In early 2018, Shar was appointed as the Director (combined role) for EHL and TOAC. Shar has years of experience managing complex analytical chemistry services in the private-sector and previously worked with the EPA Office of Research Development as a Research Fellow. He has enjoyed applying extensive field/laboratory experience to achieve project goals for multiple public agencies and looks forward to contributing to the DEOHS community. You may see him on the trail, slopes, or river, but if you would like to learn more about EHL/TOAC, send an email.

email: samys@uw.edu



Glen Abel

Program Operations Manager

Glen joined EHL/TOAC in early 2022. Before that, he worked for DEOHS as a research scientist and lab manager for almost two decades studying neurogenesis and neurotoxicology.

email: gabel@uw.edu




Jacqui Ahmad

Research Scientist

Jacqui joined the lab over 20 years ago and has contributed to the success of many projects with advancements in sample prep and instrument applications.





luke headshot

Luke Moser

Research Scientist

Luke studied chemistry at the University of Montana and comes to EHL/TOAC with a background in analytical chemistry from working in the Cannabis testing industry. He is proficient in a wide range of agency methods. Luke loves good music, good food and drink, and playing outside.

email: lm124577@uw.edu




Christine Olson photo

Christine Olson

Research Scientist

Christine attended Penn State University where she studied chemistry and forensic science. Along with her experience in the private sector with data review for drug testing and monitoring, she is proficient in a wide range of analytical methods.

email: csolson@uw.edu




Catherine Signoretty photo

Catherine Signoretty

Research Scientist

Catherine got her degree in Chemistry at the University of Jussieu, Paris, France. Yes, France is her native country and she still has the accent and a bizarre attitude that she cannot lose. She worked in the environmental field with multiple commercial companies for a few years before joining EHL/TOAC in 2013 and is proficient in a wide range of agency methods. Catherine loves to be outside hiking, camping, skiing, canoeing, you name it. She is also very fond of the 3 F's (family, friends, and food...especially wine).

team photo at halloweenteam in the lab